Welcome to Resilience Recovery Substance and Alcohol Misuse Group Programme

What is Resilience Recovery?

Resilience Recovery is the co-creation of three highly-skilled practitioners including an experienced consultant drug and alcohol professional, a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and a complementary meditation, mindfulness and yoga therapist. We are based in South West London and offer an effective, affordable, and private group-based programme for those currently experiencing, or with a history of, problematic substance and alcohol misuse. 

Who's it for?

The programme has been specifically designed for those either post detox or residential treatment, or for those who are still using and struggling to manage day-to-day life in the community, at work, at home and in interpersonal relationships. 

It is an intensive 12 week (non-12-step) group-based programme designed to support the "transitional" phase associated to "life change" by providing evidence-based knowledge, therapeutic process, and mindfulness and meditation skills based groups aimed specifically at supporting you by giving meaning and understanding to past maladaptive behaviour. It aims to provide you with self awareness by dispelling myths about addiction and provides you with the tools needed to enable individual responsibility, self-acceptance and how to take back control of your life, with experienced clinicians as your guides.

Please note: this programme is not for those who are still at the stage where their use is unmanageable, however we can offer you an inpatient detoxification prior to attending our group work programme. This would be a 10 day detoxification programme in a residential setting that is CQC registered and regulated. On site there will be medical staff as well as drug workers, to support you and make your experience as comfortable as it can be. When you have finished this phase, the aim is that physically you are ready for the next stage of the process. You will also start the journey of understanding the dynamics of your relationship with substances, but without the physical need to use. Our programme is designed to support you with the emotional and psychological ‘battle’ post detoxification. 


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